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Hagie Manufacturing Foundation Makes Donation to Iowa Specialty Hospital - Clarion

March 27, 2017

Pictured are Rayne Premo, Lab Leader along with Lisa Hagie, Hagie Manufacturing Foundation Director and Emily Askvig, Hagie HR Supervisor with Biofire Lab Equipment.Iowa Specialty Hospital – Clarion recently received a $20,000 donation from Hagie Manufacturing Foundation that helped the hospital’s Lab Department purchase a Biofire Filmarray, amuch needed piece of equipment.  

The BioFire Filmarray allows Iowa Specialty Hospital to stay on the leading edge of diagnostic microbiology testing.  This means increased speed and efficiency when conducting lab testing for patients. 

 “The Biofire FilmArray works fast, with a one hour turnaround time in most cases. Quicker answers can lead to a shorter length of stay, fewer future diagnostic tests, potential reduction in antibiotic resistance, and better infection control. The end result is better patient satisfaction,” shared Rayne Premo, Lab Leader.

Additionally, everything about the BioFire FilmArray requires minimal employee time and training. It is the ultimate in user-friendly with incorporated sample preparation, amplification, detection, and analysis all in one system.

“We would like to thank Hagie Manufacturing Foundation for their generous donation.  Their contribution will allow us to work more efficiency, but most importantly, provide a quicker turnaround of patient lab results,” expressed Premo.

Lisa Hagie, Hagie Manufacturing Foundation Director, stated, “It is important to Hagie Manufacturing Company to have high quality medical services available locally for our employees, their families, and our community.   Although only 30% of Hagie employees live within Clarion city limits, over the past 6 months 70% of Hagie employee and family medical visits were with Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics.  Iowa Specialty Hospital also receives the highest number of Hagie Manufacturing’s insurance claims dollars due to Iowa Specialty being the hospital/clinic of choice for the majority of Hagie employees.  The Hagie Manufacturing Foundation is excited to partner with Iowa Specialty on the purchase of the Biofire Filmarray, as this cutting edge technology will keep our communities healthier and safer by assisting the medical providers to more quickly diagnose infectious diseases and determine the best course of treatment for the patient.”

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