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Hagie Manufacturing Foundation Donates Toward Radiology Equipment

March 27, 2018

Hagie Representatives and Hospital Radiology leader show new MultiLab Vascular SystemIowa Specialty Hospital – Clarion recently received a $20,000 donation from the Hagie Manufacturing Foundation that helped the hospital’s radiology department with the purchase of an Unetixs MultiLab Ergo IDC Vascular System.

The radiology department will use the Unetixs Vascular System to check the circulation in patients’ upper and lower extremities. While this is important for all patients who require this service, it is especially important to ensure adequate circulation for podiatry and diabetes patients, and for pre and post-surgical orthopedic patients.  

In addition, Iowa Specialty Hospital has a new provider, Michael Willerth, MD, who performs vascular surgery.  The MultiLab Vascular System will be imperative to the safety of his patients. 

“We truly appreciate the donation from Hagie Manufacturing Foundation,” shared Abby Kirstein, Radiology Leader.  “Their contribution is allowing us to replace a no longer functioning machine so that we can continue to provide the necessary screenings to our patients.  We can’t thank them enough for their continued support to our facility and community.”

Dave Maxheimer, Hagie Manufacturing Human Resources Manager, stated, “I was aware of a couple of our employees that had vascular procedures done on their legs in early 2017 at Iowa Specialty Hospital.  I talked to them and discussed the capabilities of this unit and they both agreed; the laser surgery was hugely successful and a Unetixs Vascular System could have detected and pinpointed their issues sooner.  Today, they state circulation in their legs is much better, and they are now able to work throughout the day without pain.  Great testimonials of bettering their quality of life.”


Pictured above are Dave Flurer, Hagie Manufacturing Maintenance & Facilities Manager, Abby Kirstein, Iowa Specialty Hospital Radiology Leader, and Dave Maxheimer, Hagie Manufacturing Human Resources Manager. 


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