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Father and Daughter Doctors Provide Care for Twins

December 22, 2017

Dr. Ahrendsen and his daughter, Dr. McLoughlin, holding twinsOn December 17, 2017, Trista and Aurelio Cruz welcomed twins into their family. Jenesis Adriana, daughter, and Jariel Aurelio, son, were born at 7:35 a.m. and 7:36 a.m., and weighed 6.9 and 6.12 pounds respectively.  The twins are the seventh and eighth children for Trista and Aurelio, rounding out their family that includes one other son and five daughters. 

Trista is a patient of The Gabrielson Clinic for Women.  Because the babies were born at Iowa Specialty Hospital, Dr. Jon Ahrendsen and his daughter, Dr. Andrea McLoughlin, cared for the babies immediately after their births.

“I didn’t know until after the delivery,” said Trista, “but it’s really neat that they could tag-team with each other.”  In addition, baby Jariel, had some initial breathing issues.  “Dr. McLoughlin did a great job of explaining everything so we knew if he would need to be transferred.  Luckily he improved and that didn’t happen.”

“This was a special day of work for me at Iowa Specialty Hospital,” shared Dr. Ahrendsen.  “I remember very clearly the day that Andrea was born in this very same hospital. To now have the opportunity to work with her as a fellow physician to help twin babies with their first day of life, is truly a special blessing of an experience.   I am so thankful that she and, her husband, Dr. Michael McLoughlin, have joined us in Clarion.”

Dr. McLoughlin added, “I am so thankful to have a great group of physicians to work with; everyone is so helpful! I also love getting to share awesome experiences like this last weekend with my dad.  It is fun to get to make these new memories with him.”

Dr. Emily Hill, of The Gabrielson Clinic for Women, had this to say, “It was an honor to help welcome Trista and Aurelio’s twins into the world.  They have a beautiful family.”

Pictured above: Dr. Jon Ahrendsen and Dr. Andrea McLoughlin holding the Cruz twins.

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