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Family Practice Co-Pays: What You Need to Know

July 12, 2018

Here's what you need to know about Family Practice co-pay/downpayment requirements:

  • Co-pays/down payments are required at check-in prior to seeing your provider
  • Your insurance company determines the amount you will owe
    • This is the amount you will be asked to pay
      • We will do everything we can to help determine accurate amounts
    • Please tell us if you know the amount you are responsible for
  • Co-pays are not required for Preventative exams such as well child checks and annual physicals
  • High deductible plans will be asked to pay $75 as a down payment
    • This will be applied to any out of pocket that you owe for your visit
    • If your deductible has been met please let us know as you may not be required to pay this down payment
  • If you owe a % of charges we will do our best to determine a fair down payment amount during check-in
    • Please tell us if you know the amount you typically owe for your clinic visits
  • If you feel that you are unable to meet the co-pay requirements please ask to speak to a financial counselor, and we will assist you in determining if you qualify for financial assistance. Our goal is not to interfere with the great care that you receive at Iowa Specialty Hospital

    **You may still get a bill for any remaining balances after your insurance pays.

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