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Fall Prevention Workshop Concludes

November 30, 2017

Iowa Specialty Hospital recently concluded, Stepping On, a fall prevention workshop.  This seven-week workshop was held Wednesday mornings at the Belmond Campus.

During the Stepping On workshops, seven participants received support from trained leaders and other workshop participants, learned strength and balance exercises, and how medications, vision, safe footwear, and home modifications can affect their risk of falls.  
Nadyne Parker, one of the participants in the Stepping On class, said “Stepping On is a life changing class, which I needed at this time.”  Parker decided to participate in the class after falling a couple of times recently, “The class helped me realize what had caused the falls and to identify steps I can take to help prevent falls in the future.”  

Ida Eekhoff, another class participant, shared “I’m stronger from the exercises taught in class and I’m more confident in all I do.  I’ve slowed down and also use techniques taught in the class to avoid falls.”

“This was our first time teaching the class and it was a huge success,” shared Brooke Nerlien, education coordinator, Iowa Specialty Hospitals.  “The participants really enjoyed the class, especially the guest experts.”  (Guest experts included Optometrist Dr. Gildner, Pharmacist Lance Fischer, Deputy Adam Nerlien, and Physical Therapist Assistance Kade Jones.)  “We are already looking forward to hosting a spring workshop at the Clarion campus.  Please come join us.  It’s a fun class!  I can promise you that you’ll improve your strength and balance, gain confidence, and expand your knowledge about preventing falls.”

“I definitely recommend this class to elderly people who want to remain active in their later years,” said participant Walt Hirsch.

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