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Encourage Congress to Continue to Support the 340B Drug Program

March 5, 2015

Iowa Specialty Hospital participates in the 340B Drug Program.  The House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee will host a hearing on this program. That will likely increase attention on the 340B program to lawmakers and policymakers who may attempt to make changes to the program. 

The 340B Program helps hospitals provides free care for the uninsured, free vaccines for the community, and mental health and community health programs. It allows hospitals to do more than just provide free or reduced-price prescription drugs to vulnerable patients. This small program accounts for only 2 percent of the more than $325 billion American prescription drug market, but it makes a big impact on patients and communities.  More patients receive community-based services because of the 340 Drug Pricing Program.

Please contact your congress representatives to encourage them to continue to support the 340B Drug Program and the benefits it provides for patients. For additional information, please contact Greg Polzin, CFO, at Iowa Specialty Hospital by calling 844-474-4321.


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