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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 11/13/2020

November 13, 2020

The last week has brought the highest infection rates that we’ve seen yet and we’re seeing the effect of this in the hospital. As I write this, we have 8 COVID-19 patients admitted, which is the most that we’ve had at Iowa Specialty and continues to increase. All of our referral hospitals are struggling even more, having to make significant changes to normal operations to find space and staff to care for COVID-19 patients. We continue to need everyone’s help to try to limit the number of new infections so we can care for those who have already been infected and will need hospitalized over the next couple weeks. The holidays coming up will be an especially risky time as the number of infections we are seeing makes it much more likely that someone who has COVID-19 but remains asymptomatic could be at a gathering and unintentionally infect others. Please consider avoiding gatherings with others outside your household or having everyone mask. We will get through this, but the next two or three months are going to be very difficult.

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