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COVID-19 Update from Dr. Michael McLoughlin 10/17/2020

October 17, 2020

There has been no indication yet that the increased rate of cases in Wright County is slowing down. Just as significantly, with the exception of Franklin County, every county touching Wright County has been seeing a prominent spike in the number of cases as well. During this week, 6 Wright County residents have been in the hospital for COVID-19 (either new cases or remaining in the hospital from prior diagnosis). Hospitalizations also continue to trend upward across the entire state.

As weather gets colder, many viruses transmit more efficiently. In laboratory studies, this has been shown to be the case with COVID-19 also, which again highlights the importance of consistent mask use and being thoughtful about what close interactions are necessary. The more cases are in the community, the more difficult it becomes to keep everyone at work and keep COVID out of our care facilities where it has proven devastating.

If you have symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 please call our triage line and get tested. Supplies have finally improved so that rapid COVID-19 testing is now available in our Belmond and Clarion locations for all patients with symptoms that have been present less than 7 days. These tests come back in 15 minutes and finding out if a person is positive can help get people quarantined and help keep COVID-19 from spreading.

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