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Benefits of a Medicare Wellness Visit

February 28, 2017

Grandparents and grandchildrenIf you’re 65 years or older, did you know that Medicare will cover the cost for one annual wellness visit per year?

That’s a pretty great deal when you consider how important preventative health is, which is the purpose of these visits. During your visit we’ll help to identify, prevent or reduce health risks based on your current health, medical history and any potential risk factors.

At Iowa Specialty Hospital, your health is our priority. That’s why we have a dedicated provider who conducts all of our Medicare wellness visits.

During the visit, you and the provider will:

  • Review your family medical history

  • Conduct routine vital checks including blood pressure, weight, height, etc.

  • Look for signs of any possible impairment

  • Review health and wellness advice

  • Review any possible risk factors and prevention plans

Benefits to Medicare wellness visit include:

  • Early detection of potential risks

  • Possible reduction of healthcare costs from early detection and prevention

  • Personalized health prevention plan

  • Collaboration with your primary care physician

  • Screening schedule (if appropriate based on exam findings)

  • No cost to you (Medicare covers one visit per year!)

Prevention and early detection could save you money and a lot of potential health risks down the road. For a little bit of your time, you can be on your way to continuing a healthy and happy lifestyle.

For More Information:

Schedule your Medicare wellness visit today at any of our convenient Iowa Specialty Hospital locations:

Belmond: 641-444-3500

Clarion: 515-532-2836

Hampton: 641-812-1094

The Medicare Wellness Exam is not in replacement of your annual physical exam. This is an additional no-cost health benefit offered through Medicare and Iowa Specialty Hospital. To schedule your annual physical exams, please contact your primary care physician.

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