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Are Flip-Flops a Health Flop?

July 12, 2018

Only a few years ago, flip-flops were seen at the beach or in the locker room, but now they seem to be everyday attire.  While that’s the case, the now common footwear is not a best choice for your health.

•    Flip-flops can alter the way you walk, and a change in your gait can lead to persistent foot and ankle pain.

•    Wearers typically take shorter steps causing more stress on the body to travel the same distance as those wearing other shoes.  This could result in muscle and joint pain in the legs.

•    Flip-flops require scrunching your toes which can add up to throbbing and tenderness in those ten digits.  Additionally scrunching doesn’t allow the toes to go up with a normal gait resulting in the flip-flop shuffle.

•    Wearers often experiencing heel pain such as plantar fasciitis.  Being overweight or wearing thin-soled flip-flops without arch support can aggravate the effects.

So the best advice is to limit the amount of time you wear flip-flops.  Save them for the beach or a quick trip to the grocery store, but don’t make them part of your everyday attire.

If you’re experience pain, ditch them completely and get back to wearing shoes with better arch support.  If the pain doesn’t go away you should see our podiatrist, Dr. Phillip Greenfield, for an evaluation.  To schedule an appointment, call 515-532-9310.

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