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A New Adventure for Dr. Nagel

July 19, 2016

Collage of Dr. Nagel

On July 1, 1987, Dr. Timothy Nagel joined our family practice team, known then as Community Family Practice Clinic. He soon became a staple to both the clinic and the local community as his patient base quickly grew.  Now the Nagel family has a new adventure in store as they will move to Colorado later this summer, where Dr. Nagel will be practicing Direct Primary Care Medicine in the Longmont and Estes Park areas.
Over the years, Dr. Nagel has seen several changes, whether new names for the hospital or advancements in medicine.  However, one thing has never wavered: Dr. Nagel’s commitment to his patients and their overall health.
His patients range from the young to the elderly. Dr. Nagel takes the title of Family Practice Provider seriously, treating several generations of any one particular family. He has held many newborns and the hands of the aging, caring for all of his patients alike.
His care extended beyond the walls of the hospital too.  Dr. Nagel has been the attending physician on Honor Flights for veterans and served the underprivileged on mission trips to Haiti, among other volunteer efforts.   His quiet nature was simply to do what he always does, to serve his patients well, whoever they may be.
So Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics, the Clarion community, and beyond, wish Dr. Tim Nagel and his family the very best in their new endeavors.  We thank you for the difference you have made here and hope you know that you will be missed.

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