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New Fetal Monitors in OB Department Make Huge Difference

The OB Department at Iowa Specialty Hospital recently purchased two maternal/fetal monitoring systems. Features include monitoring of uterine and fetal activity, including fetal heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, ECG, and non-invasive blood pressure. One of the best features of these new monitors is allowing mobility during labor. Older monitors required...
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The Impact Alcohol Consumption Has On Health

From your mind to your body, consuming too much alcohol can lead to serious health risks, such as stroke, cancer, and weight gain. If you’ve had a history of over-drinking, speak to a specialist at Iowa Specialist Hospital in Clarion to make sure you’re okay. The Impact Alcohol Consumption Has...
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Hagie Manufacturing Foundation Donates Toward Radiology Equipment

Iowa Specialty Hospital – Clarion recently received a $20,000 donation from the Hagie Manufacturing Foundation that helped the hospital’s radiology department with the purchase of an Unetixs MultiLab Ergo IDC Vascular System. The radiology department will use the Unetixs Vascular System to check the circulation in patients’ upper and lower...
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Workouts to Apply On The Go To Aid Weight Loss

If you travel a lot, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your exercise. Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion, IA, shares some workouts that are easy to do on the go. Check them out here. Workouts to Apply on the Go to Aid Weight Loss Living a busy...
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Wright County Charitable Foundation Donates Toward Vision Screener

The Wright County Charitable Foundation recently contributed funds towards the purchase of a stereo optical vision screener for the Belmond Clinic at Iowa Specialty Hospital. The stereo optical vision screener was purchased to replace an outdated screener that was no longer reliable for testing. The vision screener is used for...
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Live Better with Diabetes

Living with diabetes is hard, but there are ways to make it better. Read more about tips for living better with diabetes, and then schedule a visit with an Iowa Specialty Hospital specialist in Clarion, IA, to see what else you can do. Tips for Living Better with Diabetes When...
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