Specialty Clinic Calendar

Specialty Clinic Calendar

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At Iowa Specialty Hospital, we have the expertise, the technology, and the experience to provide you the specialized medical care you need. Whether you're welcoming your new baby into this world or choosing a specialist to treat your ongoing knee pain—you will know, at Iowa Specialty Hospital, we specialize in you.

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Specialty Clinic Calendar

Please utilize the calendars below to view the days and times our specialists will be available at each location.

Belmond Specialty Clinic Calendar - March 2017

Belmond Specialty Clinic Calendar - April 2017

Clarion Specialty Clinic Calendar - March 2017

Clarion Specialty Clinic Calendar - April 2017

Belmond Campus
403 1st Street SE
Belmond, Iowa 50421
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Phone: (641) 444-3500
Toll Free: (844) 474-4321
Clarion Campus
1316 South Main Street
Clarion, Iowa 50525
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Phone: (515) 532-2811
Toll Free: (844) 474-4321
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